Belts and Boleros

Is your wedding dress lacking that little something extra?

Maybe you just need to add a little sparkle to it?

We have the perfect accessory to jazz up any dress here at Forget Me Not.

Our range includes a selection of belts and boleros for you to choose from.

As well as belts and boleros we have appliques.

These range in size and can make a whole world of difference to your dress.

They can even bling up your bridesmaids.

Beautiful Belts

Sparkling belts to bling up your waistline.

Just adding something as simple as a belt or even a small applique to the waistband of a dress can give it a completely new look.

Why not bling up your bridesmaids.

Appliques are an inexpensive way of turning your bridesmaid dresses from plain to just plain WOW!! 

Razzle Dazzle ’em!!

Dazzling tops to wear over your dress.

Why not add a sparkling top to your dress to change your look for the evening?

We have a beautiful selection of sparkling tops to go over your dress.

Toasty Boleros!

Our sumptuous boleros will keep you warm at your winter wedding.

We have a selection of marabou and faux fur jackets here at Forget Me Not.

Our Boleros can be hired for the day or purchased from new.

Whatever you are looking for we have it here in our Belts and Bolero collection.

For more information on our belts and boleros please call us on 02476 375555 or email us at