Bridal Garters by Atelier Rousseau 

Bridal garters from Atelier Rousseau make perfect gifts for brides.

They are wonderful keepsakes to treasure forever!

Handmade in England, they use the finest Italian lace, satin, and silk .  

They are all beautifully embellished with pearls, bows, lace, crystals , gems and shell. 

Each one comes in its own presentation box too!

So, Why a Garter?

The wedding garter is a key component of bridal attire.

It is worn underneath the bridal gown.  During the wedding reception the groom retrieves it and throws it to the single men in attendance.

The garter toss has always been an integral part of the wedding day. But many brides don’t know its history or meaning.

Superstition long ago was that owning a piece of  wedding dress brings good luck.

This led to wedding guests essentially attacking the bride to get a piece of her gown.

So brides started to wear a specific article of clothing to be given as the lucky piece: the bridal garter.

Another belief was that the garter was a symbol of newlyweds consummating their marriage.

It was given to family and friends as proof of consummation.

Both of these beliefs resulted in garters being removed and given to wedding guests!

Lots of brides nowadays choose a garter as there “something blue”.

Although they do come in a variety of lovely colours!

All our bridal garters can be seen on display in our Nuneaton boutique.  

We also stock a more affordable range of garters from Jupon.

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