Choosing The Bridal Party!

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Choosing the bridal party! So you have your dress and you love it! Wonderful news. The next chapter in your journey involves the bridal party. Will you have a Maid of Honour? Most brides do as she is your main confidante and advisor. Someone you trust implicitly to give you an honest opinion and guide you through all things weddingy!  Your closest friend or sister maybe?

With your Maid of Honour chosen, you then need to decide how many bridesmaids you want and who you will ask to be part of your big day. Will you keep it to just your close friends and sisters or will you widen the choice to include nieces and friends children? Will you have any flowergirls? These choices can often be very difficult as you won’t want to offend anyone but you have to consider your budget, amongst other things, when deciding.  Of course, if money is no object you can have as many bridesmaids as you like, but if it is, then careful consideration should be made in making your final decision. 

Once you know who and how many, then comes another difficult choice, colour and style. Do you choose one colour, one style? Do you choose the colour and let your bridesmaids chooose their own style? Or you choose the style and let them pick a colour? Its a bit of a minefield, but once you have decided, you need to stick to your guns and dont let anyone change your mind. Remember, it is your wedding after all.  

Here at Forget Me Not we cant help you choose your bridesmaids but we can help you with the dresses you choose. We have an array of styles and colours to suit all budgets. We also have flowergirls dresses for your little ones.  We will guide you through the process of choosing styles and colours to suit your theme and to get the right balance for all your different shapes and sizes in your bridal party. 

We hope to see you and your bridal party soon!

Lots of Love

Liz and Julie xxxx

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