Jupon Petticoats at Forget Me Not

Jupon manufactures and supplies a full range of adult Petticoats.

Available in white or ivory.

A limited range is available in black.

Underskirts can be made to meet a brides requirements such as colour, measurement and design.jupon petticoats

Shapes include full princess with up to 13 layers and up to 3 hoops for added volume.

Slim fitting short slips are available for shorter length wedding dresses.  

Hoops are made from plastic coated metal for comfort.

The right petticoat will make a difference to how a wedding dress looks.

 It supports and enhances the shape of a gown.

 A petticoat can make it easier to walk and sit down, keeping the hem away from the legs.

 Different effects can be achieved by varying the number of  layers.

Childrens petticoats are also available.

For more information give us a call on 02476 375555 or email us at info@forgetmenotbridalwear.co.uk