All change at Forget Me Not Bridalwear Nuneaton


Hi there.

It’s all change here at Forget Me Not Bridalwear in Nuneaton!  Anyone who knows our little shop will know that there are two sides to the space we have here. In the main boutique we have all our bridal gowns and in the other side of the shop we have all our bridesmaid dresses, bridal accessories and lingerie.

Well, all that has been changing over the last week or so and we are having a major change round of the 2 sides. 

Now in the main boutique area of the shop we have all bridal gowns as before, but we now have the bridesmaid dresses in here as well as all the veils. 

This has cleared a huge space in the other side of the shop and so we had  a really good think about what we wanted to do with that space.  Thats where the “all change” bit comes in!

The other side of the shop is going to cater not just for brides, but for all you lovely ladies out there!

We have bought some really different jewellery that we are going to sell as one-off pieces, very quirky, very vintage, jewellery, bags and little gifts not only that you can give to brides but also to your family, friends and loved ones for birthdays and Christmas or just to say Thank you, or I love you to someone special.  

We also have some lovely new bridal accessories coming in very soon.

So watch this space and we will let you know when our beautiful new stock will be arriving but in the meantime don’t forget that we have lots of lovely bridal gifts, accessories and lingerie for you to come and look at in our fab new-look boutique!!

See you all very soon

Lots of Love

Liz & Julie xxxx

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Bridesmaid dresses £149 each

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Are you a Bride on a Budget??

Are you a bride on a budget??

Just because you don’t have mega bucks to spend on a wedding dress, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the whole Bridal Boutique Experience. 

Here at Forget Me Not Bridalwear we have a range of dresses to suit brides on all budgets.  

It’s not about how much you are going to be spending when you visit our boutique. All of our brides get the same experience, whether they are spending a few hundred pounds or a couple of thousand pounds. And yes, we do have dresses for the bride with a smaller budget.  Our dresses start from the amazing price of just £300!  And they are great quality too.  

We also have a large range of bridesmaid dresses starting at £175 that can be worn as bridal dresses. These are available in the usual bridal colours of white, ivory, champagne etc,  as well as all the colours of the rainbow for your bridesmaids.

So if you are thinking of heading to your nearest outlet store because you think boutiques are out of your price range, think again.

Why not give us a call first and see how we can help you.  The experience is the same regardless of your budget.

Thats the difference between buying boutique and buying outlet! The service you get is worlds apart.

You won’t be left to pick your own dresses.  We will help you choose.

You won’t be limited to how many dresses you can try on.  You can try on as many as you like.

Your dress won’t have been tried on by lots of brides and man handled by the many, they have been looked after by us and put on a handful of brides with care and attention to the great detail that goes into making a wedding gown.

When you have chosen your dress, you won’t get that exact dress (that has been tried on by several people) like you would from an outlet.  You will be ordered a brand spanking new one.

Your dress! That no one else will have touched, until it comes out of the bag once it has been delivered to us.

Then you will be looked after by us all the way up to your wedding day.  You will have all your fittings with us, you will be offered an underwear appointment and an accessory appointment.

When you buy from an outlet, you don’t get any of this.  As soon as you have paid and leave the shop, you are pretty much on your own! You even have to find your own seamstress to do the almost inevitable alterations to your dress!

So, you don’t have to miss out on the whole boutique experience, just because you aren’t spending a small fortune on your gown.

Give us a call on 02476 375555 and book your appointment today. Our boutique is in a very central position for brides from Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham with nearby links to all major roads such as the M6, A5 and A46. We are also only minutes away from Hinckley, Rugby and Warwick. 

We hope to see you soon

Lots of Love

Liz & Julie xxxx

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Fun facts to brighten your day!

We thought we would come up with a few fun facts about weddings  to help brighten up your day after all the bad and sad news we have had in the world recently.

So here goes………

Fun Fact #1.  In English tradition, getting married on a Monday is for wealth, Tuesday for health and apparently Wednesday is the ‘best day of all’.  So dont feel that you have to book your wedding on a Saturday….weekday weddings are usually cheaper too!! 

Fun Fact #2.  The word bride originally meant “cook”……we dont think so do we ladies!!

Fun Fact #3.  At Egyptian weddings brides are pinched by female guests as a gesture of good luck.  How mean!!

Fun Fact #4.  The most expensive wedding dress ever worn cost an outrageous 12.2 million dollars, the equivalent to almost 8.2 million British pounds.  Designed by Martin Katz and Renee Strauss  this most costly of gowns was embellished with 150 carats of diamonds!! Wow, bet you needed sunglasses on to look at that beaut!!

Fun Fact #5.  The world’s largest wedding cake weighed 6.818 tonnes (15,032 lb) and was made by chefs at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino, Uncasville, Connecticut, USA and displayed at their New England bridal showcase on 8 February 2004.  That would take some eating!

Fun Fact #6. The Most Expensive Engagement Ring in the World is the Blue Diamond Ring by Bulgari which was sold in April 2013 for $9.49 million. Engagement rings have been a marketing product since the late 1900s and same as Valentine’s Day it’s one of those things that caught on and people embraced it. 

Fun Fact #7.  The saying ‘three times a bridesmaid never a bride’ dates way back to the 16th century where it was believed that if a young woman had been a bridesmaid 3 times and had not caught the eye of a suitor, she would never marry. The curse is said to be broken after a woman is a bridesmaid seven times. There is hope for all you singletons yet!

Fun Fact #8. As many as 3,500 couples from all over the world tied the knot at a mass wedding in South Korea organised by the controversial Unification Church a year after its founder died. Row upon row of couples, dressed in white dresses and tuxedos, met at the Cheongshim Peace World Centre in Gapyeong, about 37 miles northeast of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, for their big day.  A further 24,000 followers, who have been dubbed ‘Moonies’ after the church’s founder Sun Myung Moon, were also married in other countries via video link.

Fun Fact #9.  It has been said that if the groom doesn’t turn up to the wedding, it is the best man’s responsibility to take over and marry the bride.  That could be a bit weird if he’s married or your brother…

Fun Fact #10.  In India it is considered lucky and a symbol of protection to be married to of all things…….a tree.  Thats one way to branch out!!!

There you are then…..a few fun and interesting facts about weddings which we hope will bring a little sunshine into your life.


Have a great day

Lots of Love

Liz & Julie xxxxx




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