Bridesmaids – a BIG part of your BIG day!

Bridesmaids – a big part of your big day, but why do we have them? Where did the “tradition” come from and what does it mean?

Whether you are having a huge wedding party or just one bridesmaid, we thought it would be a good idea to let you in on the “bride tribe” origins.

In Ancient times, a marriage had to be witnessed by at least 10 people for it to be legal.  All the bridesmaids had to be dressed like the bride to confuse evil spirits who may harm the newlyweds.

Another theory about Bridesmaids comes from the Bible. 

At the marriage of Jacob to Rachel and Leah, each bride had a maid to help her on the day.

These “bridesmaids” were maids to each bride in the very literal sense of the word.

 In Victorian times, the role of  Bridesmaids started to become a little more like they are today.

They would carry herbs, grains and garlic, again thought to scare away evil spirits.

This is probably where the bridesmaids posy comes from.

Bridesmaids- a big part of your big dayNowadays, bridesmaids play a big part of your big day. 

Their role can be anything from looking after you on the day to arranging pretty much everything in the run up to your wedding.

Many Brides choose a close friend or relative to be their Maid or Matron of Honour. 

A “maid” of honour is a single lady and a “matron” of honour is a married lady, in case you were wondering what was the difference.

Choosing your maids can be very tricky.

Many brides will pick their very closest family, some their closest friends.  Some will have a mixture of both.

A few brides will choose not to have any.

“The Bride Tribe”

A “Bride Tribe” is a very special group to have around you in the run up to your wedding. 

They can support you, advise you and help you make some very big decisions.

Take them to appointments to decide on  parts of the wedding which your groom can’t be part of.

Things like choosing your dress, flowers, their dresses, and also dress fittings can be less stressful with a little help.

Your Maid of honour can also take some of the pressure of you by arranging your hen party.

Whatever you decide about the size of your bridal party, remember its your day and you do whatever you feel is right for you!

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