Covid-19. Your safety matters to us.

Your safety matters.

Right now, your safety matters to us more than ever before! COVID-19 continues to impact the UK and the rest of the world, and we want to update our customers on some important information regarding our business. We value every single customer and team member here at Forget Me Not and are doing everything we can to provide a safe shopping experience for everyone. At this time we are operating by appointment only for views, purchases and collections. We are limiting appointments to no more than 2 per day to ensure that we have enough time between appointments to clean and sanitise the store before the next bridal party arrives.

All areas of the store are cleaned thoroughly before and after every appointment.  Each dress that is tried on is steamed and quarantined for 72 hours after each appointment.  If there is a particular dress that you would like to try on, please call 3 days in advance of your appointment so that we can ensure it is available for you. 

Hand sanitisers, masks, shoe covers and gloves are available to staff and visitors.  A mask must be worn throughout your appointment.  All guests will be expected to wear masks also.

If you feel unwell on the day of your appointment, please do not attend the store and call us to cancel or rearrange.

We have provided a FAQ below should you have any questions.  Please note that all orders placed continue to be governed by our store policy of final sale with no returns or exchanges.  You can reach us by phone with additional questions on 07971 809 829 or email us at


Like most small businesses in the UK, we are family owned and operated.  Covid-19 has affected many individuals and companies all over the world and our store, as well as the bridal industry has been impacted hugely.  Please understand that every decision made by Forget Me Not Bridalwear Ltd is to ensure the safety of our team members, our customers and the survival of our industry and store we love so much and have dedicated our lives to.  We wish each and everyone of you health and safety in these trying times. 


Frequently Asked Questions.


Q: Can I get a refund if my wedding is cancelled?

A: Our sales policy has always been and will remain no returns or exchanges on any item.  The dress manufacturers will not let us cancel orders or return items, as these are usually custom orders.  Unfortunately, we have to stand by these policies even in these trying times and we hope you can understand.

Q: My wedding is in 4 months, can I still order a brand new dress?

A: If you need a wedding dress between now and the end of December, we recommend that you purchase a dress from our Bridal Outlet. It would be very difficult to get a wedding dress in to store that quickly at this point unless it was already on order and is in production.

Q: I’ve already placed an order, will I get my dress?

A: Yes, all our designers are currently manufacturing gowns and are delivering based on wedding/event date.  At this time we do not have any delays are are monitoring daily.

Q: How many people can I bring to my pre-booked appointment?

A: You may bring 2 VIP guests with you to your appointment.  Please make sure that your party are all wearing masks when you attend.  We have extra safety precautions in store. 


Stay safe and we will see you all soon!


Lots of Love

Julie & Liz xxxxx


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Welcome Back to Forget Me Not


Hello and welcome back to Forget Me Not!

We hope you have all been keeping safe and well during these strange times.  

These last few months have been very difficult for everyone.  Its been particularly tough for all those couples who have had to cancel or postpone their special day.

Here at Forget Me Not we have had lots of brides who have called us to tell us they are not getting married this year now.  But please don’t forget that LOVE  is not cancelled, you still have that. 

Your day can be re-arranged and you can still be the blushing bride, just on a different day!

As long as you have your health and your love for each other, nothing is more important than that.

We opened again 2 weeks ago and have been happy to welcome so many new brides.

Its also been wonderful to see our brides that had already been to see us before the lockdown.

Although we are very grateful to be serving brides again, things are very different to how they were before Covid-19.

We have lots of health & safety guidelines that we have put in place to protect the staff, customers and their guests.

All appointments MUST be pre-booked.

Customers who turn up without an appointment will be unable to come in. 

We have to limit the number of people in the store at any one time, including the staff. 

To this end, we can only allow the bride and 2 VIP guests to any appointment. 

Safety First

We have hand sanitiser available for all visitors, and we can also supply masks, gloves and foot covers.

All the dresses that have been tried on at each appointment have to be steamed and then quarantined  for 72 hours after each visit.

The whole boutique is also cleaned thoroughly after each appointment.

Our staff have PPE in the form of gloves and masks.

The door must also remain locked throughout each viewing to reduce the risk of walk in visitors during the brides appointment.

Despite all the guidelines that we have to adhere to, we are doing everything we can to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for every bride. 

The overriding aim though, is to keep our staff and customers as safe as we can whilst they are visiting our boutique!

We can’t wait to welcome more brides to be in the coming months, but in the meantime, STAY SAFE and remember, LOVE is not cancelled!!

See you soon

Lots of love

Julie & Liz xxxxx







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Looking For A Disco for Your Wedding Reception?

Wedding Reception Disco

The disco at your wedding reception can be the key to a great night. So if you are looking for a disco we highly recommend the guys at THG Entertainment. THG Entertainment is owned and managed by Gary Lloyd and Steve Butler.

THG carry full Public Liability Insurance and all equipment is PAT tested.

Gary and Steve have been supplying discos to the local area for many  years.  They can be seen regularly at The Horsehoes Public House in Nuneaton. Their Halloween disco is legendary by all accounts!!

At THG Entertainment they strongly believe that this world is already complicated enough.  So they abide by the K.I.S.S. philosophy (keep it simple sweetheart).  You tell them what you need and they give you one price to cover it all.  Where other disco providers charge extra for their lights, they don’t!  THG Entertainment believe that lighting is integral to the whole experience and therefore should be included in the price.

From the moment you get these guys on board, they will communicate with you to find out what you want. You can create a playlist for them to go through on the night. 

Alternatively, they will create a playlist for you and you can personally oversee it and change it if there is anything you don’t like.

Cheese galore!

If you like cheese, you can have cheese!

Whoever you are catering for, young or old, or both, THG can help. THG Entertainment can supply a vast library of music. From the 50’s right up to the present day.

If you are looking for something a little bit different for you evening entertainment, THG can also provide Karaoke.

They have all the latest equipment and lighting.  Their song library is huge.  From Abba to ZZ Top, you can’t ask for the wrong thing!

THG provide up to 4 microphones.  So if you fancy getting up in a crowd and doing a little number, that’s fine too.

For more information or to get in touch with THG, you can call Gary on 07780 682823, email them on or

visit their Facebook page


Lots of Love

Julie & Liz xxx











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Website updated

Hi all

When it comes to buying your wedding dress, we know that ultimately it comes down to price. This is particularly relevant if you don’t have a bottomless pit of cash, which lets face it, is most of us!!

So we had a think about how our brides would shop for their dream wedding gown.  We looked at the website from the perspective of a bride to be.

How could we make it easier to see what we had available in different price ranges?

So we came up with a few ideas and the end result was our new look front page on the website.

It gives a bride 3 clear price ranges for buying a dress of the peg. The sections are “Up to £499”, “£500 to £799” and “£800 to £999”. There is also a section for full price dresses which are “Available to Order”

These dresses in the 3 “off the Peg” sections are all at a reduced price and can be purchased straight away. The sizes in store in each dress is all we have available for you to purchase off the peg. (If the dress is still current, you can order it but it would be at the full price.) You have the option to leave the dress with us until your wedding or you can take it home on the day, its that simple.

So for example, if your budget is £600, you could look at the dresses in the “up to £499” and the “£500 to £799” sections on the page.

Buying off the peg is ideal if you dont have much time to plan your wedding, or you intend to lose some weight before the big day.  May be you have had to bring the date forward for personal reasons and don’t have time to wait.  Whatever the reason, Forget Me Not can help you find your dream dress in a hurry!!

If for example your budget is £1000, you could look in all 3 of the “Off the peg” sections. You could also take a look in our “Available to Order” section as the dresses in this section start at £945.

We offer an in-house alteration service too. All your fittings are done in store so you don’t have to worry about anything! We even steam and press your dress the day before you pick it up.

Lastly, our  “Available to Order” section shows all the current dresses that you can order in a specific size and colour.  The dresses in this section are all charged at the full retail price as they are brand new. Brand new dress orders can take up to 20 weeks to come in to store. If you are thinking about buying your dress brand new, give yourself plenty of time.  Waiting for your dress to come in to store can be very stressful, especially if you leave it till the last minute. Again, we offer an in-house alteration service. 

Remember, with Forget Me Not, you get the boutique experience whichever way you choose to purchase your dress.

Customer Service is always our top priority!!

See you all soon

Lots of Love

Julie & Liz xxxx



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The New Trend in Accessories Is Here!

The new trend in hair accessories has arrived at Forget Me Not and we think you are gonna love it.

The next big thing is all about Real Flowers in your hair.

The latest range in our accessory collection is adorned with this gorgeous new trend. 

We think they are absolutely stunning and we hope you do too.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing to use real flowers in your hair.

Flowers from a florist can wilt after a couple of hours in your hair .

Also they will die after a few days unless you know how to preserve them.

If you are going on honeymoon straight after your wedding, the last thing you want is to have to start messing about with your flowers trying to dry them etc.

These clips give you the best of both worlds when considering real flowers for your hair.

You have the beauty of real flowers but they will last long after your wedding is over. 

This beautiful hair clip is just one of the styles available.  

It features real roses, hydrangeas and gypsophilia and is finished off with crystals and pearls. Each flower is delicately hand painted which means every flower is unique.

The flowers have gone through a special dying treatment to help with preservation for up to 2 years.


new trend in hair accessories

Real flowers

Other additions to our collection are these beautiful flower hair clips.

So pretty!


Perfect for any wedding day hair style.


Not every bride wants real flowers in their hair on their wedding day.

We have a large selection of hair accessories with imitation flowers that look just as good as the real thing.

As well as the hair clips available in store we also have a selection of stunning hair vines. These are so versatile and can be manipulated to suit any hairstyle. 


BB 8593



So whether you are having your hair up, down or even half up, half down, here at Forget Me Not we have the perfect hair accessory for you.

We can’t wait to meet all our 2020 brides.

Call us now for your accessory appointment on 02476 375555.


See you all soon

Lots of love 

Julie & Liz xxxxxx

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Bridesmaids – a BIG part of your BIG day!

Bridesmaids – a big part of your big day, but why do we have them? Where did the “tradition” come from and what does it mean?

Whether you are having a huge wedding party or just one bridesmaid, we thought it would be a good idea to let you in on the “bride tribe” origins.

In Ancient times, a marriage had to be witnessed by at least 10 people for it to be legal.  All the bridesmaids had to be dressed like the bride to confuse evil spirits who may harm the newlyweds.

Another theory about Bridesmaids comes from the Bible. 

At the marriage of Jacob to Rachel and Leah, each bride had a maid to help her on the day.

These “bridesmaids” were maids to each bride in the very literal sense of the word.

 In Victorian times, the role of  Bridesmaids started to become a little more like they are today.

They would carry herbs, grains and garlic, again thought to scare away evil spirits.

This is probably where the bridesmaids posy comes from.

Bridesmaids- a big part of your big dayNowadays, bridesmaids play a big part of your big day. 

Their role can be anything from looking after you on the day to arranging pretty much everything in the run up to your wedding.

Many Brides choose a close friend or relative to be their Maid or Matron of Honour. 

A “maid” of honour is a single lady and a “matron” of honour is a married lady, in case you were wondering what was the difference.

Choosing your maids can be very tricky.

Many brides will pick their very closest family, some their closest friends.  Some will have a mixture of both.

A few brides will choose not to have any.

“The Bride Tribe”

A “Bride Tribe” is a very special group to have around you in the run up to your wedding. 

They can support you, advise you and help you make some very big decisions.

Take them to appointments to decide on  parts of the wedding which your groom can’t be part of.

Things like choosing your dress, flowers, their dresses, and also dress fittings can be less stressful with a little help.

Your Maid of honour can also take some of the pressure of you by arranging your hen party.

Whatever you decide about the size of your bridal party, remember its your day and you do whatever you feel is right for you!

Why not check out our range of bridesmaids dresses. 

Forget Me Not has one of the largest collections of Bridesmaid dresses around. 

With 4 designer labels including Ronald Joyce bridesmaid and Veromia, you are bound to find a style that suits all sizes and budgets.

Our Bridesmaids dresses start at just £139.00

For more information give us a call on 02476 375555 or email us on

We can’t wait to meet you all.

Lots of Love

Julie & Liz xxx




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Want a designer dress with an outlet price tag???

Want the boutique experience without the boutique price tag???

Right now you can have the best of both worlds!

Forget Me Not is having a massive sample sale. 

This is our BIGGEST ever sale with amazing reductions across the whole store.

Every dress has been massively reduced. 

All dresses are available to buy “off the peg”.

We have just added 50 dresses to our existing stock which means there are now over 100 dresses to chose from. 

We also have at least 27 new styles in store, with over 50 styles in total, all ready for you lovely Brides To Be to come in and try on.


Don’t miss out though, at theses prices they wont be around for long.

To take advantage of these HUGE SAVINGS, just give us a call and book your appointment on 02476 375555.

We look forward to seeing you all and helping you find your dream dress at an amazing price!

Julie & Liz xx


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En-Vie Jewellery now at Forget Me Not

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New designs at our Bridal Outlet

We have just taken delivery of 20 new designs at the Bridal Outlet here at Forget Me Not Bridalwear. 

This takes the number of dress to over 60 so you are sure to find your perfect style for your wedding!

All of these gowns are designer labels at outlet prices, with at least 50% off their normal selling price and once they are gone they are gone. 

We have dresses from such prestigious designers as Justin Alexander, Sophia Tolli, Amanda Wyatt,Ronald Joyce, and a handful of the Disney Princess range by Alfred Angelo. 

We have all these dresses alongside our full price collection giving you over 95 dresses to choose from!!

We also have on-off bridesmaids dresses available in our outlet shop as well as Prom and mini prom dresses from £40.

Why not make an appointment today and see if we can help you find your dream dress!

Give us a call today on 07714740112 and book your one on one appointment.

You will get boutique service whatever your budget!

See you soon!

Lots of love

Liz and Julie xx



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Designer dresses, Outlet prices!

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